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This CD has 21 tracks of relaxing music dedicated to my mother.  To hear a few free samples, please can go to
Now available an MP3 CD. If you'd like my library of music on one CD with over 100 songs (over 7 hours of music), the cost is only $59.
You can also download full length songs at Napster, Itunes or 29 other music download providers.
David Turner Music
Instrumental music for any mood.
You can also download my music using file sharing programs like Limewire, Kazaa and more.
I am for file sharing
You can also purchase your choice of any of the concerts I have here on this site on  mastered on DVD  or CD for $129 or $119 respectively. Members after each year of continuous subscribing get 1 DVD or CD free of their choice. Each DVD will be burned, professionally labeled and signed by me.