About Me
Born in 1963, David Turner is a unique and talented piano performer. Tangerine Dream, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Kitaro, Vangelis and Yanni inspires him. Although, he cannot sight read music, David pursued his dream and published his own music using his own label inspite of what others  "tried to tell him". Here is more about David.

In 1989, David produced Amiga music mods. The first mod, "Darkness and Light" was released in 1990 and lasted
18 minutes. This piece earned international acclaim setting a goth sound to a soothing orchestral choral mood. This is how he earned his reputation for dark and beautiful sounding music. Yet, David had other styles.

In 1991, David created another mod, "Metal Jazz", merging Jazz with metal rock. He later created the soothing piano piece, "Shelley" (on CD), "Dreams" and "Pulsar 2000". In 1992, David produced the ethereal sound of "Celestial Sunlight Journey into the Afterlife", hoping a record label would sign him up. In 1993, David met screenwriter, Randy Hall and read a few scripts. One script inspired the children's theme "Seahorse Cove", a very upbeat orchestral sound (on CD).

Finally in 1995, David became his own label and using his home studio recorded, "Piano String and Other Things". He composed a lighter more relaxing style mood for his mother. The following year, she passed away. This CD is in memory of his mother. The first track called "To Mother" and is dedicated to all mothers around the world.

David states "If it wasn't for my mother and father, who supported me along the way, I would not be where I am today. Thank you Mom and Dad!"

Update 2006: Several pieces of David's music can be found in the movie the "Neighborhood". This includes The Overture, Final Destination and Eternal City from Celestial Sunlight. In addition 4 other unpublished works were also introduced.

Another CD is now in the works and will be released soon!
David Turner Music
Instrumental music for any mood.